Our Philosophy

Kei Ten Ren Bu ⋆ 敬 天 錬 武


Kei 敬 : Means Respect

The number one principle taught is respect. Respecting your parents, elders,  and others around. Respect doesn't mean that you agree with them or even like them it just means that you treat them like you want to be treated.  

Ten 天 : Means The Sky / Above & Beyond 

This means that you should have a reason higher then yourself to study the Martial Arts. Whether it is sport fighting, self defense, health, or any other of a million reasons. People without a specific drive to training have a tendency not to continue when it becomes challenging.

Ren 錬 : Temper

Through training and discipline we strive to forge our minds and bodies as a sword is tempered by a Master Armor. Being strong as iron and supple as a willow branch.  Grandmaster Pan Qingfu's movie Iron & Silk is a perfect example! 

Bu 武 : Budo, Martial Arts or Marital Way

 The training you do thought the Martial Arts is a journey and a way of life for the serious practitioner.

Come and train with us!


If you live in the Yokohama area feel free to come by and watch a class or take a trial lesson.  If you mention that you saw this offer on my website the trial lesson will be free.

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